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Teaching Classes Online



Getting Started with the D2L Migration Process

All my content is still in Blackboard, but I’m ready to get on board with D2L.

(When this is complete your Blackboard classroom content will exist within a D2L course site. You may edit your content here or request an develpmental course site.)


I want to create a new online course from scratch.

If you have no old online content for a specific class or wish to completely restructure your course site,you must request a developmental course site.





Please read this table to understand various types of D2L course sites.


D2L Course-site converted

from Blackboard Classroom

D2L Development
Course Sites

D2L Spring 2014
Actual or Live
Course Sites

  • Created by LMC IT Services based on faculty requesting conversion of specific Blackboard classrooms at the D2L Request Submission Website.

  • These are created with content migrated from Blackboard classrooms.

  • There will not be any student enrollment.

  • Instructors may edit this content within this course or copy just the parts they like into a developmental course site.

  • Content from may be copied from a converted course site directly into a live course site.
  • Created by LMC IT Services based on specific requests by faculty via email:   LMC Help Desk

  • These are created as “empty shells,” i.e. no content, for the purpose of training, preparation, experimentation.

  • There will not be any student enrollment.

  • This is the place instructors build their courses from scratch or a fresh site that they can copy components they are keeping from their converted D2L course site.
  • Created automatically by the district based on ALL scheduled course-sections shortly before the start of the spring 2014 semester.

  • These are created as “empty shells,” i.e. no content.

  • They will be automatically populated with student enrollment by the district on a daily basis.

  • Right before the semester begins, instructors will copy their content from their developmental course site into their live course site.