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Piano Courses


Basic Keyboard Skills

This class is for anyone who wants to begin to study the piano and learn to read music. Absolutely no prior skills are required. The student will gain a solid foundation in finger technique, piano practice skills and basic musical interpretaction. The solo and ensemble repertoire is easy but musically satisfying. This class is a good "hands on" companion to Basic Music 015, beginning theory class.


Continuing Piano Workshop

A carry-over class from Spring semester to Fall semester classes, covering skills of technique, sight-reading, repertoire, and theory, for all levels of piano. This Summer Session class is designed to help the student maintain and reinforce skills acquired during the regular school year.


Piano I

This class serves those who can read music a bit. Some previous experience with any musical instrument is recommended. It is the first of the two required piano classes for the music major, but anyone completing Basic Keyboard Skills or the equivalent is equipped to succeed in Piano I. The course includes the major scales, chords, easy piano repertoire, simple transposition and sight reading.


Piano II

This course is a continuation of Piano I. The reportoire is at early intermediate level and the keyboard theory includes the minor scales, cadences and the harmonization of simple melodies.


Intermediate Piano Workshop

Piano study with an emphasis on stylistic interpretation, preparation, and performance of intermediate level keyboard literature from all historical periods. Ensemble and accompaniment skills will be covered as well as keyboard theory and technical aspects of piano playing.


Advanced Piano Performance

This is the solo performance and ensemble class for piano majors and other advanced players. The focus is on the development of each player's individual interpretive, technical and performance skills through the study and performance of standard solo and ensemble repertoire. Advanced keyboard theory and harmony is also covered.


Jazz/Rock Keyboard

Investigation of fundamental keyboard skills necessary to perform contemporary jazz and rock music. Keyboard styles from 1950 to the present will be discussed, with emphasis on today's keyboard demands. Content includes the function and voicings of chords, melodic harmonization of tunes, and basic improvisational theory.


Private Lessons Practicum (for Music Majors)

This course is designed for the music major or minor students who will study their performance medium with a private tutor. Students will audition for the available lesson slots with a maximum class size of 60 students. Students will meet with a private tutor for a total of nine hours during the semester.