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Choral/Vocal Studies




Choral/Vocal Courses


MUSIC-056 Chamber Ensembles VI: Woodwinds, Vocal, Piano

Fundamental skill on a woodwind instrument, piano, or in vocal techniques is highly suggested.
A continuation of the basic material in MUSIC 54 and 55. Concepts include literature selection,
small ensemble rehearsal techniques, style, and the technical demands on the ensemble performer;
frequent public performance.
MUSIC-065 Class Voice

Investigation of vocal techniques such as breathing, diction, vowel production, and tone quality; care of the voice; music reading and vocal interpretation. Singing and basic repertoire include an introduction to foreign language diction and pronunciation. This is a multi-level course in which each student will concentrate on content areas suited to particular ability levels. Possible public
recital will be included.
MUSIC-066 Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir will offer an introductory experience in the dynamics of performing choral literature
from the Gospel Music tradition. The emphasis of this course will be on developing understanding
and skills in complex rhythm structure phrasing and vocal production and intonation needed for singing
Gospel Music from the traditional to the present modern day contemporary style.
MUSIC-067 Jazz and Popular Vocal Techniques

Investigation of techniques involved with performing jazz and popular vocalizing. Areas of discussion and practice include style, phrasing, use of microphones, working with backup groups and literature selection. This course is designed to apply to vocalists of all levels of experience.
MUSIC-077 Chamber Chorale I

Designed to give students experience in chamber choir music from madrigal style to earlier classical styles. The course will develop singing techniques to aid students in performing with proper historical, technical, and stylistic aspects. Frequent public performances included.