Class schedules will list rooms with two letters indicating the building, then a floor # and room #. Ex: building SC, level 2 in room 257 = SC2-257


Student Services Building. Click for details.
The Science building is the building facing you as you enter the main quad from parking lot A. He has a spire at the entrance of the buildings . Click for details.
Lot A, 1A and 2A Lot C parking Lot B Parking football Baseball cccomplexNE Core of the campus complex North campus complex Business Services and Votech area South Campus complex Drama little theater Planetarium Music Building cafe Student Services Area Honors Area PS Building ETEC Building Child Development Library Art Gallery and Community Room Science Building Math GYM Pool PE PE Lake Student Life Center Softball Field President's and foundation office
CC - South corner of the Campus Complex is best accessed from Lot B and enter the side closest to the nature preserve. Here you will find Appliance & Refrigeration Repair program, Automotive Technology, Welding and LMC Business Services. Click for details.
Student Life Building located between the LMC Lake and the Child Development building. Park in Lot A for best access. Click for details.
The child development/child study building is best accessed from Lot A. Click for details.
CO - is located at the core of the campus complex and has four floors. Room numbers are labeled with CO floor number starting with level 1 at the bottom up to level 4. Here located are classrooms, computer science lab, Center for Academic Support and the office of instruction. Click for details.
CC - South side of the Campus Complex. Best accessed from either Lot B or Lot C. The area has three levels: L1: Police Services, Buildings & Grounds. L2: Counseling, English and ESL lab. L3: Process Technology (PTEC), Art & Graphic Design, Journalism & school newspaper. Click for details.
The PS Building is located on the Northwest side of the campus near the LMC lake and holds financial aid, scholarship office and the student employment center. Click for details.

SS - Student Services Building. This area is home to the assessment center, EOPS, CARE, CalWorks, Career and Transfer Services and more. Click for details.

Northwest corner of the campus complex. Easily accessible from Lot C. This area has the bookstore, admissions, information center, outreach office and the cafeteria. Click for details.

The PE buildings are most easily accessed from Lot B and is near the football field. LMC has a weight room, pool, track field, tennis and volleyball courts. Click for details.
The College Complex is four stories high; level one is the lower level. Rooms in the complex start with CC
The closest access to the music building is to park in Lot C by taking the Los Medanos Drive, the perimeter road around the backside of the college campus.
The library building is located on the south side of Parking Lot A. Click for details.
The LMC GYM is located in the center of the quad and can be accessed from either Lot A or Lot B Click for details.
ETEC Lab (Electrical & Instrumentation Technology) best accessed from Lot C by taking the perimeter road behind the college. Click for details.

The softball field is located between the baseball and football stadium. There is parking on the street but the best access is to park in Lot 2A. Click for details.

The LMC pool is part of the physical education complex. The pool is easily accessed from both the front and back parking lots. Click for details.
The LMC lake can be accessed both from Lot A and Lot C. Click for details.
LMC Drama productions are usual held in the little round theater. Each semester the Drama Program produces 2 main stage productions.  Auditions for both shows are held during the first week of classes and are held in the Little Theatre.   Click for details.
The planetarium is to the right of the Child Study Center on the north side of the campus at 2700 East Leland Road in Pittsburg. Click for details.
The one acre California native plant preserve is located on the West side of Lot B behind the automotive and appliance repair facilities. Click for details.
The Honors center is located in a portable building on the north side of the campus complex. The best access is to park in Lot A and use the foot path to the stairs between the Child Development center and the GA building down to the ground floor towards the LMC lake. Click for details.
CC - Campus Complex North side of campus. L1: Central Services. L2: Classrooms and Transfer Programs & Services. L 3: EMT/Nursing Lab and Classes. Click for details.
The community room and the art gallery are located at the Northeast side of library building. The best access is to park in Lot A and enter through the LMC quad. Click for details.
The math building is best accessed by parking in Lot B by taking Los Medanos Drive behind the college campus. Click for details.

Access to the football field is gained by taking Los Medanos Drive perimeter road and entering Memorial Drive with parking in LOT B. Click for details.

The baseball field is best accessed from lot 2A. Handicap parking is available. Click for details.

During construction the president's office and the foundation office are temporarily located in portable buildings on what was once tennis courts. They are accessible from Lot A Click for details.