From:                                         Valenzuela, Eileen

Sent:                                           Monday, May 07, 2012 9:54 AM

To:                                               03-All Faculty (Full Time)@LMC

Cc:                                               Kamath, Kiran; Rodriguez, Gil; Horan, Kevin; Guerrero, Blas; Newman, Gail; Livingston, Richard; Schmidt, Sandi; Hertstein, Margaret

Subject:                                     Fall 2012 Instructional Load Sheets


TO:                  Full-Time Faculty                                                       

FROM:            Kiran Kamath, Gil Rodriguez and Kevin Horan

CC:                 Blas Guerrero, Gail Newman, Richard Livingston

RE:                  Fall 2012 Instructional Load Sheets


Please visit the Office of Instruction to review and sign your Fall 2012 load sheets. 

Faculty in the non-departmentalized group can review and sign load sheets at the Brentwood Center.


Load sheets are available beginning Monday, May 7 through Monday, May 14, 2012, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Please make a note to visit the Office of Instruction to review and sign your load sheets during this period.  Anyone in the office will be able to assist you.


When you review your load sheets:

1.    The top sheet is your “A” (regular) load

2.    The second sheet is your “A” contract “cumulative load variance:

3.    The third sheet is the “AC” assignment –hourly overload; regardless of time of day.

  1. Please see the load sheet tutorial on the Office of Instruction website:


The current United Faculty contract provides that “Overload assignments will be limited to fifty percent (50%), which may be averaged over the two semesters of the academic year, unless approved by management.”   Please be sure that your Fall 2012 load, considering any AC that you will have for Spring 2013, meets this limitation.


For some faculty, reassigned time loads and/or student services assignments may not be listed.   If you have missing reassigned time load, please note it clearly on your load sheet. Once your reassigned time is added, you will be sent a new load sheet to sign and return to the Office of Instruction.

Be sure to check your load sheet carefully and make corrections, as necessary.  Sign and date the top sheets. 


Please note that once this review is complete, we will not change the A/AC designations in August or thereafter, unless loads change due to class cancellations


Thank you.



Please visit the Office of Instruction May 7-14 to sign your Fall 2012 load sheets.