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Bay Honors Consortium Honors Research Symposium




Is it too late to register online?

Yes. The deadline is now past. However you may attend as a walk-in. Be sure to arrive no later than 8:30AM the morning of the event to giver yourself time to register. Walk-in registrants may not be able to have lunch with us as lunch orders were based on the online registration numbers. There are plenty of affordable options nearby on Telegraph Avenue.

Do you have to be a presenter to attend?

Absolutey not. In fact most attendees are there simply to watch the presentations and support their fellow students. If you're a new Honors Student who aspires to present at the Symposium one day, you should definitely attend for the best idea of the kinds of projects which are selected.

How much does the Symposium cost and how do I pay?

The registration fee is $25. You need to pay this to your college's Honors Director/Coordinator no later than the internal date set by your school. If you do not get your money in by the deadline your registration will be cancelled and your spot given to another attendee.

What does the $25 cover?

This fee includes all Symposium activities, speakers and entertainment. It also includes lunch, a program, a commemorative water bottle and optional campus tours and admissions workshops.

Are any scholarships available?

Yes. If you face extreme financial difficulty, you may request a scholarship to cover the registration fee. To do so, please submit a 250-word essay to your Honors Director explaining the need for your scholarship and your motivation to attend the Symposium. Your Honors Director should forward an electronic version of this essay to BHC President Jennifer Saito along with a few words in support of your scholarship request.

I'm presenting and have some guests who want to see my talk. May they attend?

Every presenter is allowed up to two guests who may attend the talk. These guests do not need to pay but they may only go to their student's presentation and no other Symposium activities. Unpaid guests will need to sign in and out on the day of the event to receive a special guest pass. They will not receive a Symposium Program. If you have more than two people who want to see your talk, they will need to register and pay.

Should you have friends or family members who wish to attend the entire conference including lunch and the speakers and entertainment, they should register themselves at this site as "Paid Guests of a Student Presenter". Their registration fee is $25 and there is no limit to the number who may attend to support a student.

Is it too late to submit a proposal to present?

Yes. The deadline was February 16. We are no longer accepting proposals.

How many proposals did you receive? How many got in?

We received about 185 proposals this year from over 30 colleges statewide. 85 were selected to participate in this year's Symposium.

How are proposals selected?

A Proposal Committee made up of Bay Area honors professors screened all proposals and selected those that will be presented at the Symposium. This was an anonymous process meaning that names and colleges were kept secret until the selection process was completed. In the event of "close calls", please note that proposals from Northern California Colleges were given preference.

While we are limited by classroom space to the number of presentations we can choose, we also only select those which are truly oustanding. We really mean it when we say this Symposium features the "Best Honors Student Research". In past years this has meant choosing between 70-85 proposals, but quality, before numbers, drives the selection process.

Who is eligible to present at the Symposium?

Any California community college Honors Student is eligible to present at the Symposium. The work for your presentation should have been done from Spring 2013 up to the present.

Can I just attend the Symposium without being a presenter?

Absolutely! The majority of attendees are there to support their chosen colleagues and enjoy a day of intellectual stimulation.