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Bay Honors Consortium Honors Research Symposium










posterWhere is the Symposium located?

Registration and all breakout sessions will be in Dwinelle Hall located on the UC Berkeley Campus. Dwinelle Hall is only a short walk from where Telegraph Avenue dead-ends into the university on the "south side" of campus. Click here for an interactive campus map.

Registration will either be on Dwinelle Plaza just outside the building, or in the case of rain, in the lobby of Dwinelle.

What's the best way to get to Berkeley?

We strongly recommend taking Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to the Symposium. There is no on-campus parking and the off-campus parking is difficult and expensive.

What BART Station should I use?

The Downtown Berkeley BART station is only a 10-15 minute walk from Dwinelle Hall.

I really need to drive. Where can I park?

If you must drive, you might consider the Telegraph-Channing Garage, located at 2450 Durant Avenue. Go to the Symposium Directions & Parking page for more information.

What time does registration open?

Registration is open at 8:35 AM. The Opening Ceremony starts at 9AM. We have over 350 people coming to the Symposium. We suggest you arrive early to avoid long lines.

Is it too late to register online to attend the Symposium?

Yes. Online registration has now closed, but you can attend as a "walk-in".See below.

I missed the deadline to register online. How can I get one of the "walk in" spots?

Please arrive by 8:30AM on May 7 and go to the "Walk In Registrant" line. You can pay your registration fee in person via cash or check and make a name tag. Paypal is not available for walk-in registrants.

Please be aware that walk in registrants may not be able to join us for lunch as we place this order based on the online registration numbers. However, we typically have a number of "no shows" and are able to accommodate walk-ins once we know who has shown up on May 7.

Walk in registrants may also not get a Symposium water bottle, but again we generally have enough by the end of the day so you might be able to have one of these too.

I'm a free guest of a presenter. What should I do?

Every presenter is allowed to have up to two unpaid guests attend their talk. These guests may attend the talk only, and not the other events associated with the Symposium. Guests do not receive a program, water bottle or lunch.

If you are a free guest, arrive at least 30-minutes before the talk you're attending. Look for the "Unpaid Guests" line at the Registration tables. There you can sign-in, learn where your friend/family member is talking, and receive a guest name tag which will allow you into the presentation session. If desired, you can purchase a Symposium Program for $5. Please return your name tag after the talk or your friend/family member may be charged for your attendance.

How do I pay my $25 registration fee?

Payments can be made via cash or check made out to the Bay Honors Consortium. It is too late to pay via PayPal.

Is it too late to order a Symposium T-shirt?

Yes. The order has already been placed.

How many students will be presenting this year?

We have ninety students who were selected from a field of over 200 proposals to present at UC Berkeley this year. They represent about 30 colleges statewide.

How did you decide who gets to present?

A committee made up of five honors professors from diverse colleges and disciplines reviewed all the proposals to choose this year's presenters. These proposals were screened anonymously, meaning that any identifying information was not seen by the selection committee. For more details about the special process they used click here.

What are the general presentation formats at the Symposium?

All Symposium talks are 15-minutes in length and are grouped with several other presentations in one of the sessions. Here is a copy of this year's program.