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Honors Program
Transfer Partnerships with Great Universities

Here's samples of just three of our fantastic partnerships:

  • DOUBLE your chance of being admitted to UCLA!  As part of UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program, LMC Honors Scholars have a special admissions process with an  85% acceptance rate as compared to only 43% of non-honors transfer applicants statewide.
  • Saint Mary?s College GUARANTEES admission to qualified honors graduates and grants a $6000 renewable scholarship for all with a 3.5+ GPA.
  • Whitman College gives Honors Scholars PRIORITY admission status and offers those with a 3.5+ GPA ten annual scholarships of $8000 for a total of $20,000. 

Dynamic Honors Curriculum
We hand pick from LMC?s best professors to teach our custom designed Honors Courses.  With a class maximum of only 25 honors students, you?ll be surrounded by LMC?s most highly motivated undergrads and get lots of personal attention in advanced college coursework.

Brand New Honors Center
aka "The Club House".  The completely remodeled Honors Learning and Research Center is a welcoming and vibrant building where Honors Students can study together, use computers (with no waiting lines!), or just hang out in the comfortable chairs and gossip.   You'll love it.  Trust us.

Personal Guidance
You?re in good hands in the Honors Transfer Program.  Our very own Honors Counselor works closely with you every step of the way while you?re at LMC and preparing to transfer. 

Bragging Rights
Okay, let's just admit it -- having Honors coursework listed on your transcript and being able to talk about your participation in the Honors Transfer Program is exactly the kind of thing scholarship committees and admissions boards are looking for!  Why not give yourself the competitive edge?





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