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Welcome High School Students

Whether you are a high school student thinking about adding college classes to your schedule as a Special Admit student, or a senior considering LMC as your next step, this your page. You will find links to the college application, steps to enrollment, campus services, and more.


Important Dates


2015 Application Workshops and Assessment Testing for High School Seniors


Please check with your Counseling Office or Career Center for location and sign-up.


Antioch Application Workshops February 27
March 3
March 5
Assessment Testing TBD
Black Diamond Application Workshops February 23
Assessment Testing March 19
Deer Valley Application Workshops February 18
February 19
Assessment Testing March 25
March 26
Dozier-Libbey Application Workshops March 12
Assessment Testing March 20
March 23
Freedom Application Workshops March 2
March 3
Assessment Testing April 9
April 10
Heritage Application Workshops March 3
March 4
Assessment Testing April 9
April 10
Liberty Application Workshops February 23
February 27
Assessment Testing March 5
March 6
Pittsburg Application Workshops March 9
March 10
Assessment Testing March 9
March 10
March 11