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Fire Technology




Mike Grillo, Dept Chair FIRE and EMS Technology fire students

Fire Technology Professor

Retired Fire Captain for the Hayward Fire Department

Teaches: Fire 101, 102 & 120

e-mail; mgrillo@losmedanos.edu

Room CC3-365

Phone (925) 473-7750


German Sierra

Fire Technology Professor

Retired Oakland Firefighter Paramedic

Teaches: EMS 10 (EMT Academy),FIRE 102

e-mail: gsierra@losmedanos.edu

Office CC3-354



Adjunct Faculty Contacts

Ricky Hurtado

Fire Technology AssociateProfessor

Retired fire captain at Alameda County Fire Dept.

Teaches: Fire 107

e-mail; rhurtado@losmedanos.edu


John Kelleher

Fire Technology Associate Professor

Retired Batallion Chief for El Cerritto Fire Dept.

Teaches: Fire 103

e-mail; jkelleher@losmedanos.edu


Joe Robinson

Fire Technology Associate Professor

Retired Fire Chief for the Richmond Fire Dept.

Teaches: Fire 105

e-mail; jrobinson@losmedanos.edu