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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Achieve your goals one vocabulary word at a time!


Welcome to the ESL Lab


The ESL Lab is located on the second floor of the main college complex in CC2-281. The language lab contains fifteen student computer stations that are equipped with digital headphone/microphones. There is a networked printer which is available to students via the Pay-for-Print system.


All ESL students are encouraged to make use of the various ESL software programs available to them in the lab. This ESL software programs guide (PDF) describes all of the programs AND notes which LMC ESL course and level would benefit from using each piece of software - please use this guide to help identify which program is best for you and your level proficiency.


Here is a quick list of language learning software available in our ESL Lab:

Your ESL instructors may assign certain programs for you to work on, or you can ask your teacher which programs you should work on. This individual work with the computerized programs will help increase your English language development because

  1. it increases the amount of time and exposure you have to the English language.
  2. it allows you to practice the specific skills that you need help with and want to focus on.
  3. it provides you with corrective and informative feedback.