Inside Los Medanos College
Los Medanos College
End of year 07 - 08

New Developments
Openings and Moves
Just a few updates:

  1. buildingThe new east quads are now open.  Wow, what amazing areas!  If you haven’t seen them yet, time to check ‘em out!!!  (view a slide show here)
  2. The Science building will open in time for classes starting in June 2008.
  3. Physical Education faculty and coaches who have been temporarily housed in Math are still there, but will return to their offices in the gym in June.

Programs and Equipment Funding Response
Just in case you somehow missed the email containing this document, we're sharing it with you here. It includes many good things that will make our world run smoother at LMC!

EETEC Awarded Nearly $600,000 in Regional Industry-Driven Grant
Los Medanos College has received an Industry-Driven Regional Collaborative (IDRC) grant totaling just under $600,000 for two years starting in July 2008.  The grant is from the State Chancellor’s Office for California Community Colleges.  This proposal was written by Los Medanos College in collaboration with our industry partners for the Electronic/Electrical Technology (EETEC) program.   

etec lab renderingThe grant comes at a time when the program is receiving strong industry support. Industry partners have already donated $370,000 in cash to construct a modular lab on campus and about $1 million worth of equipment for the lab. They have also been active participants in curriculum development and outreach. The industry partners include USS-POSCO, Shell Oil, Tesoro, The Dow Chemical Company, Mirant, GWF Power, Bishop Wisecarver and Delta Diablo Water Sanitation District among others.   Our partners have already donated $370,000 cash to construct a modular lab on campus and about $1 million of equipment for the lab.

For more information about the EETEC program, visit www.losmedanos.edu/eetec or contact Margaret Hertstein at 925-439-2181 ext. 3105; or the Program Director, Cecil Nasworthy at cnasworthy@losmedanos.edu.

PTEC: Grads Get Jobs, Program Gets $$$
61% of LMC PTEC graduates are employed in our targeted industry!
Now more than one and a half years into the LMC PTEC program, we can already calculate our success by the percentage of our graduates that have become employed in the targeted industries for which they are being trained. 61 % of LMC PTEC graduates are employed with local industry partners such as Tesoro, Chevron, Praxair, Shell, Dow, GWF Power & Delta Diablo Sanitation District to name a few.

Industry partners have not only been employing our grads, but they’re also supporting the future workforce. In February, Vice President of Kinder Morgan Operations, Ron Morones, handed LMC Foundation Director Lindy Wille a check for $5000 to create a PTEC Scholarship Fund benefiting prospective students. The recipients of the scholarship awards have already received their scholarship checks! 

Conoco Philips has also stepped up to the plate.  Pat Prosser handed David Kail, PTEC Director, a check for $20,000 in support of the program. They recently hired a couple of our graduates.

This kind of support from our industry partners will ensure ongoing success for the Process Technology Department and the sustainability of the program into the future.

Marketing Update
You may have recognized some of the faces on new LMC catalog and fall schedule.  Last March, the marketing team held a photo shoot with 18 Honors students (thanks Jennifer Saito!!) in the new quad and library.  We now have a bevy of gorgeous photos to use to promote the campus for many projects to come.
Our alumni on buses!  You’ve probably noticed the recent LMC promotion on the back of TriDelta buses featuring a couple of our alumni. One was Sidney Salesky, a Suppression Captain with Contra Costa Fire. We created this one to not only marketing our fire program, but to impress the concept that the community benefits many ways by having LMC here. (Maybe they’ll vote for our next bond issue or proposition.)  The other bus tail features Doug Beavers, former LMC Jazz Band member and now award-winning musician and composer.  Can’t do enough to let everyone know that we are a premier community college in the area, and that our alumni accomplish great things.  We received great feedback on these and hope to feature more in the future.  This particular venue is especially desirable because those buses are going all through East County and people see them day after day.

We’re in the midst of publishing a new Career Focus magazine that will go to every household in East County (91,000!)  The 20-page magazine focuses on the new buildings and other upgrades, along with highlights on the Career Center, Journalism and EETEC programs, and alumni success stories..  This magazine has been very fruitful in the past and we’re hoping this issue is no exception. 

You’ve been receiving both this e-newsletter which is created and edited by the Marketing and Media Design (M&MD) Department.  You also have been getting the Student Services e-news, designed to increase communication with our current students, and usually opened by about half of them. We’re hoping that this aids in persistence and student success. It also was designed by the M&MD team, and then handed off to Mary Long of Student Services (with a bit of graphic support from Eloine).  She’s been doing a great job, don’t you think?

Recruitment packets were just mailed off to every graduating high school senior in East County.  The packets include a letter from Peter Garcia, both summer and fall schedules, and a special financial aid brochure designed just for this audience. 

We’re been gathering photos and content, and now are working with outside consultants to design four new brochures for occupational education programs.  They include Fire Technology, Emergency Medical Services (EMT), Graphic Communications and EETEC.  This complements four previously designed brochures that were just updated and reprinted.
Our efforts to get folks on board to manage their own web content have proven quite fruitful.  Eloine recently had a class with 21 “Contributors” eager to learn more about this simple web content management software. They explored putting audio and visual content on the web.  If your department isn’t set up yet for “Contribute”, we still have a few academic department copies to allocate. Let us know if you’d like one (one per academic department.)  If you are onboard and have any questions, Eloine is available by appointment - just let her know.

Awards and Acknowledgement

Major Milestones Reached!

We’re all a dedicated bunch, for sure.  There are a few who have been here a while, yes indeed, decades…..  They have helped to shape the LMC experience into what it is today. When you see the folks mentioned below, be sure to thank them for the years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter that they have shared with us, our students, and the East County community.

20 years:

  • Ken Alexander
  • Sandra Schmidt

25 years:

  • Van Boschetti
  • Jeannine Stein

30 years:

  • David Nakaji

35 years:

  • Len Price

Myra Snell Headed for Sabbatical, Completes Years of Service
Our thanks go out to Myra Snell as she concludes several years of service in a number of key roles at LMC: co-coordination of the developmental education program and the college-wide assessment program, professional development leadership in the math department, leadership on the Curriculum Committee, and state level leadership in mathematics education, assessment, professional development, and developmental education.

Myra hopes to deepen her understanding of teaching and learning as she takes a closer look at the impact of professional development on student learning in an anticipated sabbatical next year. While her work will surely continue to enrich us, we want to pause and say thank you for all she has already contributed to our college and our students. Best wishes for your future work, Myra!

LMC Alumni of Note
Elliot Weiss is SAM PLUBOWSKI. 
Elliott, a spring 2007 graduate of LMC and current film student at San Francisco State University was recently the main character in a movie by Arthur Streeter entitled: "Lights Out", screened at the Little Theatre at SF State.

Elliot was a returning student in Spanish 50 and Spanish 51 classes with a big dream. Positive experiences at LMC helped keep him on track. He wants to complete a degree in acting and work as a professional actor doing film and voice work. He gained confidence at LMC working diligently and some times with the aid of LMC tutors.

Doug Beavers – LMC Alum and Award-winning Musician and Composer
You may have noticed Doug on the back of a few Tri Delta Buses recently. He been gracious in sharing his story and image to help us promote the campus and how we influence and improve our  students’ lives. If you haven’t read his story online yet, here it is.