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Mid-August 2009

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  • Welcome back as we begin 2009/10 at Los Medanos College! Lots of eager students are now coming through our doors and we're off in the annual race to educate them and enrich their lives.

    We have had some changes -- new employees, recently completed renovations, and relocated classroom space and offices. All the details are included in this enews. Check it out!

    New Developments

    new roomsCampus Renovations Continue

    A few areas within the original LMC College Complex are now complete and ready for business. The Core has been overhauled into an amazing new place for learning and work. The Art Department is on the move, and office musical chairs continue.

    The Core Gets Resettled

    The first floor, CO1, hosts three "smart" classrooms to be used for a wide variety of classes, maybe even one of yours! The classrooms will accommodate 38, 40 and 60 students. A smart classroom is one that has an instructor station equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include DVD playback, PowerPoint presentations, and more -- all displayed through a data projector.

    The second floor, CO2, is home to an open computer lab with 54 new PCs, pay-for-print, and wireless access with space for those who want to use their own laptops. This area also hosts the Computer Science Department, with a special A+ lab and A+ certification testing room, and faculty/staff offices.

    The third floor, CO3, is where you'll find "The CORE: Center for Academic Support", formerly known as the Reading and Writing Center. This is a space for students to seek out academic support from select faculty and peer tutors. They also provide free workshops, including ones to assist with scholarship and personal statement essays.

    The fourth floor, CO4, houses the Office of Instruction, along with the LMC Research Office and the Marketing and Media Design Department.

    Art Classes Moved to New Classroom Space

    As part of the exciting game of departmental musical chairs, the art department has moved to new digs.

    The ceramics and sculpture classroom has moved to (follow this carefully) the old Graphic Arts building. Professor Lucy Snow has been busy readying the kilns and getting the workspace ready. It is located to the northwest of the current Child Study Center, hidden behind a green fence.

    Graphics has moved to (again, follow along in your playbook) to what was the previous Reading & Writing Center (also referred to as the former Math area.) That's right, room CC2-256: the large, but hidden, classroom on level 2.

    But the best part is that we have brand shiny new iMac computers with 24-inch screens and the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We even have a few new chairs! It promises to be a great workspace.

    Painting and drawing are also in the same area, as are offices for professors Ken Alexander, Lucy Snow and Curtis Corlew. The painting area even has a bright new metal sink that is as clean as only an unused sink can be. We're all excited about having students in to actually use it.

    But don't write any of this in ink as this is only temporary! In about three semesters (by Spring 2011), we'll all be moving back to our space on level 3. It will be completely remodeled and bigger, better, faster, get more miles per gallon and make you even smarter than ever before. It will feature an expanded ceramics and sculpture area, and new classrooms for painting, drawing and graphics.

    (The Art move described above was penned by Curtis Corlew.)

    PTEC Gets New Hands-On Trainer (HOT) Unit

    Th Process Technology (PTEC) program now has a new hands-on lab in response to their industrial partners who have requested that they would like our students to have more hands-on experience.

    A Hands-on Trainer (HOT) unit has been purchased and installed on campus to meet the need for direct experience. The unit is unique because it is an outdoor facility built from standard industrial components, such as 1.5 inch pipe, flanges, instrumentation and pumps. Go check it out behind the Science Building, on a former tennis court.

    gaugeAccreditation Update

    LMC was re-accredited early this year thanks to our collaborative work and our excellent accreditation report. We did, however, receive one recommendation which required us to submit a follow-up report this October and also make substantial progress on outcomes and assessment. To read the entire Commission letter and the recommendation, click here.

    The assigned taskforce has been busy at work and here are the latest updates:

    Task #1: Update all course outlines with CSLOs

    • You can see the COOR update gauge at out/coors/ . The COOR update gauge at the end of the Spring 2009 indicated that out of 721 courses, 213 are current within five years and have SLOs. We anticipate this number to change dramatically when courses are inactivated or approved at the September 2009 Curriculum Committee meeting.
    • Every department submitted a form with the name of the author/s and dates when revised COORs with SLOs will be submitted for Curriculum Committee review by January 29, 2010.
    • "Camp Course Outlines" has been offered regularly since Spring 2009 and will continue through Fall 2009. Individual coaching continues to be available.
    • An automated email reminder system has been set up to remind the author of the revised COOR submission due date. Email reminders went out effective August 17, 2009.

    Task #2: Develop a plan and implement a system to assess CSLOs and show progress

    • LMC has conducted program review annually where program-level SLOs are assessed. Last spring, LMC completed its first two-year cycle of program-level SLO assessment. Some programs accomplished 'two-fers' by assessing both CSLOs and PSLOs.
    • LMC is now developing a systematic, three-semester, approach to assess course-level SLOs. This will include a planning semester, assessment semester, and evaluation & reporting semester.
    • An in-house software program called CLASS - "Course Level Assessment Software System" - is being developed and tested as the instrument for faculty to input assessment results. We began testing it in Summer 2009, will continue testing in Fall 2009, with a pilot for all programs to begin in Spring 2010. From Fall 2010 onwards, a percentage of courses will be assessed every semester by every program at the college.
    • We are making good progress on the two areas of concern raised by the Commission and will be able to report on it in the fall 2009 Follow-Up Report.

    Camp Course Outline Offered This Fall

    While some folks were traveling to exotic places or sleeping at the beach this past summer, eight Camp Course Outline sessions were held and over 40 faculty participated! A number of faculty also participated in email and face-to-face coaching sessions. Over 80 COORs were completed and will be sent to the Curriculum Committee for its September meeting.

    Camp Course Outline is the perfect venue for your own COOR success. Upcoming sessions will take place on Fridays: September 11, October 2 and 30 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in CC2-235 (Business computer lab). If you teach on Friday mornings come for the afternoon portion. Be sure to RSVP and you'll get a free lunch - donated by the LMC Foundation.

    If you can't attend one of the scheduled sessions, consider contacting Janice Townsend for an individual coaching session. She will work with your schedule to find a time for the coaching session.

    To RSVP and for questions, contact Janice Townsend at jtownsend or x 3240.

    Important Reminder

    Please File Theft Reports Quickly

    We're all very busy at the start of the new year. With the crowds often comes an increase in theft. Do what you can to deter it. Don't leave limited access areas and offices unattended or unlocked, and note suspicious behavior.

    If you do think that something is missing, file a theft report as soon as possible. Reporting a theft within 24 hours greatly increases the ability for Campus Police to lead a successful investigation. Campus Police would rather hear from you and then have you find the missing item than hear about the theft after a lot of time (more than 24 hours) has passed.

    Theft forms can be filed with Campus Police at their office on the first floor of the College Complex. For more information, contact Chad Wehrmeister at x3228.

    LMC and Our Community

    Non-Tradition Careers For Women Event a Success!

    On June 11th, 72 people came to LMC to participate in an event designed for women and focused on six of our career/tech programs. East Bay Works and Tradeswomen, Inc. collaborated with the college in recruiting people and hosting the event. "Hidden Gems" was the first time that an event focused on this particular audience.

    Participants heard from alumni and faculty from the departments of Appliance Service Technology, Automobile Technology, Electrical and Instrumentation Technology, Fire Technology, Process Technology, and Welding Technology.

    To read a follow-up article that appeared in the Contra Costa Times, click here.

    Spanish Class Experiences Community Service with Youth BÈisbol

    Each summer, Laurie Huffman's Spanish class gets a community service experience - this past summer it included 'bÈisbol' with youth being served by the Village Community Center in Brentwood. To read more in an article from the Brentwood Press, click here.

    Nursing Program Joins CSUEB in Nursing Education Partnership Grant

    Through a grant from the Foundation for California Community Colleges, LMC's Nursing program has joined in partnership with Cal State East Bay (CSUEB) to create a seamless transition between associate and bachelor's degree programs. Three other area community colleges: Chabot, Contra Costa and Ohlone, are also partners in the grant with CSUEB.

    The grant provides $250,000 to be used in the education of 30 RN graduates from the four partner community colleges, leading to completion of a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN). A BSN degree is often desired or required for career advancement into supervisory and leadership positions in nursing.

    Carolyn Fong, Chair of the CSUEB Nursing Department explains, "There is a need for more BSN-prepared nurses in Alameda and Contra Costa County. Our goal is to create a pipeline for every nurse with an associate degree in the two counties to become a BSN graduate."

    To read the press release announcing the grant award, click here.

    LMC Hosts Youth Summit

    For the past several years, County Supervisor Federal Glover's office has organized a summit for East County youth. The most recent summit was held in our new quad area, library community room, and Campus Complex classrooms with more than 500 people in attendance. To view photographs of the event, click here.

    Connecting LMC with the Region's Police Academy and County Sheriff's Office

    Peter Garcia recently wrote a guest article for the County Sheriff's Office about LMC's strong connections with the Police Academy and the County Sheriff's office. To download the article, click here.

    Employee Update

    Campus Mourns Dedicated Staff Member, Gloria Garlitos-Holder

    On July 5th, we lost a very dedicated staff member, Gloria Garlitos-Holder. Gloria had been a part of the LMC community since becoming a student in 1990. She became an hourly employee in 1996 and most recently held the position of Lead Office Assistant in support of the Transfer Programs & Services. Gloria 


    Phil Gottlieb, LMC Counselor, shared his memories, "Gloria truly enjoyed working in the LMC Transfer Center. She and I had numerous conversations about how much she looked forward to helping students even after she was wheelchair-bound, and she had some very close relationships with a number of them. At times, no doubt, during her last few years at LMC, she experienced a great deal of pain, but she always had a smile and a story to tell. I marveled at her determination and strength. I will miss her. "

    LMC President Peter Garcia shared, "I was honored to represent the college community at Gloria's vigil service. From the stories that her family and friends shared, I learned that the loyalty and commitment that she brought to LMC imbued all of her actions and relationships. If you ever attended one of her Transfer Programs & Services parties, you know that her smile and generous hospitality will be sorely missed."

    In honor of Gloria, her family has established the Gloria Garlitos Memorial Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students. If you choose to donate, you can elect to have payroll deductions or send a check payable to the LMC Foundation and indicate on the check: "Gloria Garlitos Memorial Scholarship Fund." If you have any questions, you can contact Lindy Wille (ext. 3215).

    Transitional Organization Chart Shows Recent Management Changes

    Find out who's who and who's doing what among the management at LMC. Click here to download the most recent organization chart.

    2009 Service Awards Presented at Opening Day

    How time flies when you're doing the right thing! Applause, applause for the following dedicated souls who have reached pinnacle moments in their time with LMC.

    Five Years of Service

    • Jeffrey Benford
    • Angela Fantuzzi
    • Leticia Gonzalez
    • Demetria Lawrence
    • Colin McDowell
    • Lisa McFarland
    • Laura Subia
    Ten Years of Service
    • Jorge Cea
    • Diane Ferguson
    • Kathy Griffin
    • Joellen Hiltbrand
    • Erich Holtmann
    • Carol Love
    • Elaine Ortiz
    • Linda Wille
    Fifteen Years of Service
    • Barbara Austin
    • Milton Clarke
    • Letta Greene
    • Silvester Henderson
    • Jennifer Saito
    • Humberto Sale
    Twenty Years of Service
    • Nancy Bachmann
    • Linda Collins
    • Gustavo Gonzales
    • Janine Ornelas
    • Kwadwo Poku
    • Spring Tiscareno
    • Michael West

    Twenty-five Years of Service
    • Camme Benzler
    • Antonio Macias
    • Eva Monteverde
    • James Spagnol

    Thirty-five Years of Service
    • Shirley Baskin
    • Thais Kishi
    • Richard Livingston
    • Robert Rush
    • Alexander Sample
    • Erma Smith
    • Ken Stanton
    • Gerald Wilson

    Welcome, Welcome Back, and Bravo!

    A lot of changes have been going on! Be in the know regarding who's new, who's moved, and who's back -- here goes:

    New Full-Time Faculty

    • Liana Padilla-Wilson, Anthropology
    • Sharon Wellbrook, Biology
    • Sophia Ramirez, Counseling
    • Nicholaus Garcia, Drama
    • Sara Toruno, English
    • Mike Grillo, Fire Technology
    • Ryan Pederson, Mathematics
    • Carol Hernandez, MESA

    New Tenured Faculty

    • Jancy Rickman, Biology
    • Kathleen Willett, Biology
    • Erlinda Jones, Child Development
    • Laura Subia, EOPS Counseling
    • Peter Doob, Mathematics

    Faculty Returning From Sabbatical

    • Don Kaiper
    • Curtis Corlew
    • Scott Johnson
    • Myra Snell
    • Jeff Mitchell


    • Bruce Cutler, Vice President, Administrative Services

    New Manager

    • Blas Guerrero

    Interim Management Assignments

    • Adam Jacobs, Information Security Officer, special assignment LMC IT Oversight
    • Bill Dalrymple, Acting Director, Business Services
    • Jeffrey Benford, Interim Academic/Student Services Manager, EOPS

    New Classified Employees

    • Ronald DeKelaita, Custodian II
    • Steve Butler, Custodian II
    • Jon Espino, Lab Equipment Tech II, Voc Tech
    • Amanda Brainerd, Media Design Specialist
    • Vincent Perry, Media Services Specialist II
    • Carole Rogers, Counselor Assistant
    • Cynthia Fields, Sr. Admissions/Records Assistant
    • Brandon Smith, Fire/EMS Instructional Lab Coordinator
    • Tammy Oranje, Instructional Assistant, Child Development

    Reclassifications or New Hours

    • Justin Nogarr, Offset Technician II
    • Raheema Islam, Financial Aid Assistant II
    • Glenda Vawter, Women's Locker Room Attendant, from part time to full time
    • Claudia Acevedo, Scholarship Program Coordinator, from part time to full time
    • Jody Mills, Sr. Computer & Network Specialist
    • Sherry Weikum, Sr. Library Assistant
    • Gene Paris, Sr. Equipment Maintenance Worker

    Temporary Out-of-Class Assignments

    • Leetha Robertson, Senior Payroll Clerk
    • Faidra Rodriguez, Financial Aid Assistant II
    • Gil Wagner, Lead Custodian
    • Tennille McEwen, Lead Office Assistant-Transfer Programs & Services
    • Cherri Wright-Taylor, Office Assistant II, Bookstore
    • Karen Haas, Student Svcs. & Instructional Support Coordinator, EOPS

    Alumni of Note

    LMC Jazz Alumna Ayn Inserto Releases Album, Includes Composition Honoring Professor Emeritus John Maltester

    Ayn Inserto, LMC alumna, has recently cut a new album entitled "Muse". This album includes several pieces celebrating her past mentors including, "Ode to John", first performed at a live concert at LMC in 2008. Ms. Inserto first studied with John Maltester, went on to Cal State Hayward to study with Dave Eshelman, and eventually earned her Masters of Music in Jazz Composition at the New England Conservatory of Music.

    She currently is an assistant professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and leads the Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra. She has performed throughout the world and won numerous awards. Visit her website at

    Perry Williams: An Appliance Service Technology Success Story

    LMC Appliance Service Tech Alumnus Perry Williams recently wrote us to let us know how much he appreciated his LMC experience and to update us on what became of him.

    "I took the appliance course after paying too much to fix my Whirlpool washer. What I found was an escape from the dead-end grocery job I was stuck in."

    "Instructor Len Price taught me everything I needed to get hired on-the-spot with a local repair company. What a difference from grocery work! You can't beat the satisfaction of visiting a frustrated customer, repairing an appliance, getting a fat check and a big 'Thank you!' "

    "I dragged my two brothers into Len Prices's class at Los Medanos College, and now they both own successful repair businesses here in Bay Area, (Domestic Appliance) and in Washington State, (Appliance Rescue). As for me, my company has become the largest independent service company in San Diego with over 35 technicians and 3.5 million dollars in annual revenue! "

    "If you care about people and are proud of the work you do, then this is the industry for you! Quality appliance service technicians will always be in huge demand!" -- Perry Williams

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