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Environmental Science

Get out in the field!



  • LMC passed a local bond in 2002 (Measure A) that is supporting the construction of new Science, Math, and LRC buildings.  These will be completed in 2007 (LRC), and 2008 (Science, Math).  The square footage available for all LMC labs and classrooms will increase by 50% over current levels.

  • Partnerships with Dow Chemical and UC Berkeley have allowed LMC the use of the 500 acre Dow Wetlands for field studies (conveniently located next to our lab at DDSD);   and we are in early stages of forming relationships that will permit LMC use of the 1,200 acre Dutch Slough restoration project (conveniently located next to the DSC). 

  • LMC has very close relations with this region’s heavy industry.  With them, LMC recently created a Process Technology program that will serve five oil refineries,  several chemical plants (Dow, one mile from campus, is the largest chemical plant on the west coast), nine power plants, and dozens of water and wastewater treatment plants.  Thus, wonderful opportunities abound for field trips, internships, faculty development, equipment donations, and other perks.  We forsee both the Process Technology and Environmental Science programs providing modern and exciting training for this area’s workforce, that will bring a healthy economy and better environment to the Bay Area.