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Corinthian College Student Information



Attention Heald/Everest/Wyotech students


Los Medanos College is here for you. Our Student Services departments are happy to answer your questions about transferring to Los Medanos College.


Before you enroll in a new school, you should speak to the Office of Financial Aid about how transferring credits might affect your eligibility for a closed school discharge. The office is located at our Pittsburg campus in the Student Services building or call (925) 473-7525.


Please visit our "steps to enroll" web page for new students or call the Welcome Center at either (925) 473-7433 or (925) 473-7434 for more information.


Helpful Notes


You may have the right to a refund of your tuition money through a student loan discharge or through a reimbursement of funds. It is important for you to know, however, for students who have incurred large amounts of debt, the scenario under which you transfer credits to a community college could affect your ability to discharge your federal student loans. The Department of Education is currently advising students that they are not eligible for a federal loan discharge if:


"You enroll in and you complete a comparable educational program at another school and receive credits for the classes you took at the closed school. However, if you enroll in this comparable program and complete it, but the new school does not give you credit for any coursework completed at the closed school, you would be eligible for a closed school discharge".


To learn more about your legal rights and how to protect them, you are highly encouraged to use the interactive tool by clicking on the first link listed below under "helpful links". This tool was created by the California Attorney General to provide current and former Corinthian students a personalized resource sheet that will tell you what forms of relief you may be eligible for and how you can connect with the appropriate people and local organizations that can help. Please note that this tool is intended for Corinthian students with federal loans. We also encourage you to check out the FAQs about Financial Aid link below.



Helpful Links