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Turn your ideas into great apps


What can DreamSpark do for you?
DreamSpark lets you get your hands on some of the world’s most powerful software—at no charge for students—so you can develop your own apps, games, tools and designs.

  • Windows Phone is grabbing worldwide attention with awesome apps and a wide-open field for new developers compared to the crowded iOS and Android marketplace.
  • Tap the potential of Windows for tablets and PCs to create totally new experiences with the apps you develop. Check out Live Tiles—they’re fast, fluid and made for tapping, touching and swiping. Windows is the next generation of app development that will call for skilled coders to meet demand.
  • Xbox LIVE Indie Games allows student developers to build real games for Microsoft Windows Phone, Kinect and Xbox LIVE/360—even port apps cross-platform, with few code changes.
  • A student started Microsoft (hello, Bill Gates?) and the same can be said of companies like Facebook and Napster. Given the right tools, you can bring your amazing, fresh ideas to life. That’s why we make the top development and design tools available at no charge, so you can create next-gen apps, games, and tools that will make you a tech superstar.
  • You know these skills are in demand, right? It’s all about STEMs—the science, technology, engineering and math students who are getting ahead fast and getting jobs right out of school.

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What Tools do you get?

You get a lot at no charge. DreamSpark gives you free access to Microsoft development, design and gaming software. DreamSpark is a hub of activity for app-making resources, templates, getting started guides, and expert support to bring your app idea to life!

Kick start your career with developer tools from Microsoft!

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 Who is DreamSpark for?

Students and faculty currently taking and/or teaching courses within the Computer Science area will have access to the DreamSpark hub. Access to DreamSpark is limited to

  • students who are enrolled in at least one course within the Computer Science Department
  • faculty who are teaching at least one course within the Computer Science Department

With DreamSpark, you can create apps, get an edge on your job skills, and maybe launch the next big thing.

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Usage Guidelines

In order for students to participate in this program they must be enrolled in at least one credit course within the Computer Science Department to be eligible to access DreamSpark and download software onto their personal computer. The same guidelines apply to faculty members with the exception that they should be teaching courses in the above-mentioned department.

Students and faculty can use this software for instructional use, research / design, development and testing of projects for class assignments, or tests on personal projects.

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How to get the Software

Are you an LMC Computer Science student currently enrolled in Computer Science courses? Great! All you need to do is contact your Computer Science instructor to let them know that you are interested in DreamSpark!

*Depending on the class you are enrolled in, your instructor may not be utilitizing DreamSpark.

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Additional Information

For more information, Computer Science students and faculty can visit

I live to code. Do you?

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