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Computer Science

Meet the needs of today's workplace


Areas of Study



The Computer Science Department offers a variety of degrees and certificates that can lead to job placement and advancement.  


Click on the links below to learn more about our degrees and certificates.



College Skills Certificate Application

Students who have completed the recommended units for a College Skills Certificate need to submit a Skills Certificate Application to Admissions & Records. Click here to download the form or go to www.losmedanos.edu/admissions/forms.asp.



Graduation Application

Students who have completed all of the requirements for an AS degree or Certificate of Achievement will need to complete a graduation petition. The graduation petition can be obtained from the Admissions & Records office, or downloaded from www.losmedanos.edu/graduation/application.aspx.



Career Coach

Career Coach is an excellent service where you can learn about different careers. You can also look up employment outlook, job openings, salaries, educational programs and even LMC's programs. Use this site to help select a program of study and future career, and perhaps complete a degree and/or certificate. Career Coach is located at losmedanos.emsicc.com. Check it out today!