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Child Development



Careers for people with a child develoPment certificate/degree

Wonder what education and experience you need to become a childcare provider or educator of children birth to 5? Click here to see the information on obtaining a California Child Development Permit.Wonder what specific classes you can take at LMC to fulfill Child Development Permit requirements? Below are our recommendations to fulfill requirements. Other options may be available or recommended, based on your previous experience and prior education. We strongly suggest meeting with our First Five Educational Counselor, Melissa Jackson to develop a personal plan.


Department Course Recommendations* to fulfill Child Development Permit requirements:

filler"Assistant" level permit: CHDEV 1, CHDEV 10

"Associate" level permit: CHDEV 1, CHDEV 10, CHDEV 20, CHDEV 62

"Teacher" level permit: CHDEV 1, CHDEV 10, CHDEV 11, CHDEV 20, CHDEV 50, . CHDEV 62, CHDEV 65, CHDEV 90*

"Master Teacher" level permit: All "Teacher" level courses, plus CHDEV 92 plus 6 additional units in a specialization. We offer a variety of specializations, some of which include:


"Site Supervisor" level permit: All "Master Teacher" level courses, (including a specialization) plus CHDEV 95 and CHDEV 96

"Program Director" level permit: All "site Supervisor" level courses, plus a BA degree in Child Development, Liberal Studies, or related field.