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Women's Basketball

Home of the Mustangs


Women's Mustang Basketball

2017-18 Team Photo

Photo courtesy of Cathie Lawrence, Lead Sports Photographer, LMC Experience


Being on the LMC women’s basketball team has many rewards. Not only will you be a member of a striving, active team, but you’ll also make good friends and join a community with teachers, trainers, and support staff who are here to help you succeed. In turn, we ask that you make a commitment to not only your athletic, but also your academic, career. Below is a list of commitments we feel are important for all team members to make:

Basketball logo


      • Be committed to your academics.
      • Be committed to hard work.
      • Be committed to becoming a smart player.
      • Be committed to our team attitude concept.
      • Commit yourself to a winning attitude.

The lady Mustangs are led by Head Coach Richard Villegas, who has been a full-time physical education instructor at LMC for 16 years. In the women’s Basketball program, his objective is to build a strong competitive team using athletes from the local area.


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Women's Coach
Richard Villegas
(925) 473-7605