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Assessment Center

Get started on the path to success!


welcome to the assessment center


Los Medanos College offers a variety of services to help students improve their success in college.  The Assessment Center is one of those services that will help you start college on the right path.


The Assessment Center provides English and math placement based on transcript evaluation, results from previously administered placement tests, or by taking the Los Medanos College placement test.  We provide you with an assessment of your current skill levels as they relate to the various English and math courses we offer at the college.  Much of your success at Los Medanos College depends on enrolling in courses that match your academic skills.


An assessment is required for all students who plan to earn an associate degree, transfer to a four-year college or enroll in certain courses with prerequisites.  Assessment required for priority enrollment.


What to do

Note: If you have completed Algebra I, Algebra II or an equivalent course, you do not need to take the math placement test.  A math course will be recommended based on your transcript and college major.


Placement Test Format

Placement tests are taken on a computer. Students should put aside 2 hours to complete both assessments. Students taking the ESL assessment should plan on spending 1 to 2 hours to finish both sections (time is dependent on your English language proficiency). All questions are multiple choice, and instructions are easy to follow. You will receive your assessment results, including recommended placements, immediately after completing the assessment.


Placement tests measure your skill level only; you cannot fail them. Placement tests may be taken only once per year. You will not be permitted to retake placement tests within a year just to try and improve your score. If you would like to challenge our one-year policy, please visit our exemption page.


Is there another way?

See Alternatives to Taking the Placement Tests


STUDY FIRST! Then make an appointment

The English, ESL and math assessments determine the appropriate English, ESL and math courses that you may sign up for, therefore it is important to be prepared for the placement tests! See the study guides on the sidebar. All placement tests must be taken on campus, even if you are taking online classes. Placement tests are only for LMC students. See Accuplacer Study Guides



Pittsburg Campus (Main)

Make an Appointment
Student Services Center, Lower Level, SS3-314

Information Line: (925) 473-7431

Appointment Hours:

See Testing Schedule

Brentwood Campus

Make an Appointment
Brentwood Center, Computer Room 9

Phone: (925) 513-1625

Appointment Hours:

See Testing Schedule