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Assessment Center

Get started on the path to success!



How to register for assessments

Sign up online to take the assessments after you have completed an application*. Bring your student ID number and a photo ID to your appointment. Remember to use the study guides to prepare. If you can't find an open appointment, you may refer to the calendar and attempt to drop in to a scheduled assessment (drop-in is not recommended, but is allowed, space permitting). If there are openings (there is no guarantee), you may take the assessment(s) as long as you have your student ID number and bring a photo ID.


*View "How To Apply to Los Medanos College" video


About the assessments




The English and math assessments determine the appropriate English and math courses that you may sign up for, therefore it is important to be prepared! See the study guides on the sidebar. If you are not signing up for English and/or math this semester, you may postpone your assessment. All assessments must be taken on-campus, even if you are taking online classes. Assessments are only for LMC students.


Assessment format

Assessment tests are taken on a computer. This is not a timed test; however, students should put aside 1 ½  - 2 hours to complete both assessments. Students taking the ESL assessment should plan on spending 1 - 2 hours to finish both sections (time is dependent on your English language proficiency). All questions are multiple choice, and instructions are easy to follow. New students should plan to complete their assessment tests prior to attending a New Student Orientation or New Student Workshop.


You will receive your test results, including recommended placements, immediately after completing the tests. You will also be provided with clear descriptions of the subject matter covered in each English, ESL and math course.


You cannot "fail" the assessment tests or be denied admission to the college. The tests are a measure of current skill level only, not of intelligence or aptitude. You may only take an assessment once a year - so you cannot retake it to improve your score. If you would like to challenge our one-year policy, please visit our exemption page.


Is there another way?

Have you taken Algebra II in high school, been to college before, or taken placement exams elsewhere? See Alternatives to Taking the Assessment Tests


New to LMC?

Please click here and tell us about yourself so that we may better serve you. It will only take about 15 minutes. LMC will use this information to better understand our students' needs.






Warning: Insufficient studying may result in placement into a lower level math and/or English class!

This will cost you extra time and money, so study before taking your assessment tests!



Pittsburg Campus (Main)

Make an Appointment
College Complex, Second Floor, CC2 - 256

Information Line: (925) 473-7431

Appointment Hours:

See Testing Schedule

Brentwood Campus

Make an Appointment
Brentwood Center, Computer Room 9

Phone: (925) 513-1625

Appointment Hours:

See Testing Schedule