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Assessment Center

Get started on the path to success!


Welcome to the assessment center

assessment / placement is step Step 3in the new student process


How to Be Placed for English & Math Courses




BEFORE starting Step 3: Assessment / Placement, make sure you have completed:

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Online Orientation

If you need information on where to find your student ID#, which you need to complete Step 3, see "How to find your LMC Student ID#" below.




By completing this form you will have met your Step 3: Assessment/Placement

and you will be placed in an English and/or Math course.



Bring copies of your transcripts, AP test scores, and/or other college placement results.

Your transcripts or other test results might offer you better placement than the assessment.




RESULTS: Access Your Placement Scores via WebAdvisor.

Please allow 2-3 business days for our office to process your placement.

For more information on how to find your scores, see "How to Access Your Placement Scores via Insite WebAdvisor" below.

(Due to the campus Winter Break, placement scores will NOT be uploaded Monday, December 19, 2016 to Monday, January 3, 2017.)




InSite WebAdvisor Logo

How to find your LMC Student ID #

How to Access Your Placement Scores via Insite WebAdvisor












Login to InSite WebAdvisor



Step 1: Login to InSite WebAdvisor



















Click on "Student Planning"


Step 2: Click on Student Planning










Click on "Student Planning" again




Step 3: Click on Student Planning again













Mouse over the drop down box that says "Student Planning" and click "Test Summary"


Step 4: Put the mouse over the drop down box and click







If you cannot complete the Multiple Measures Placement Form or cannot bring your high school transcript,




Schedule a Placement Assessment


Assessment Alternatives

Have you been to college before, taken advanced placement (AP) tests or other placement exams elsewhere?



Alternatives to Taking the Assessment



NOTE!: If you have completed Algebra I, Algebra II or an equivalent course, you do not need to take the Math Placement test. A Math course will be recommended based on your transcript and college major.