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Assessment Center

Get started on the path to success!


welcome to the assessment center


Los Medanos College offers a variety of services to help students improve their success in college.  The Assessment Center is one of those services that will help you start college on the right path.


The Assessment Center provides English and Math placement based on completing a Multiple Measures Placement survey, transcript evaluation, results from previously administered placement tests, or by taking the Los Medanos College placement test. Considering these measures, we will evaluate and place you based on your academic history (e.g. high school GPA, courses completed).  


An assessment is required for all students who plan to earn an associate degree, transfer to a four-year college or enroll in certain courses with prerequisites.  Assessment is required for priority enrollment.


What to do

Note: If you have completed Algebra I, Algebra II or an equivalent course, you do not need to take the Math placement test.  A Math course will be recommended based on your transcript and college major.


If you cannot complete the Multiple Measures Placement Form or cannot bring your high school transcript, click here for placement assessments.


How to find your LMC Student ID #

There will be several steps that ask you for your LMC Student ID #. To find your LMC Student ID #: