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Appliance Service Technology

LMC is the only community college to offer an Appliance Service Technology program.




1. What are the career opportunities in this field?
Job opportunities are tremendous. Heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics installers and technicians are needed in every part of the country during every season. And there is a real shortage of appliance technicians and employers are looking for well-trained workers both locally and nationally. There are 52,000 jobs nationwide and only one community college in California providing this program. If you’re looking for a secure job with good pay and benefits, that allows you to work independently, this is the field to go into.


2. What are the starting salaries?
Starting wages have never been better -- $36,000 to $60,000 a year plus benefits. Management opportunities are also available for motivated, talented technicians. Many students eventually open their own businesses. In fact, according to some experts, appliance technicians are more likely than any other trained personnel to start their own companies.


3. Do you have job placement?
We have 100% local and national job placement for our students. We work constantly with Sears, Maytag and the other major employers.


4. Do I have to take any math or English courses?
Yes, but most students are able to pass proficiency exams with help from our tutorial center.


5. Can I do this part time?
We offer flexible programs during the day, evening and weekend for people who work full-time. We also have a new accelerated program that will allow you to complete a certificate in only one year.


6. How is the program kept current?
&nbspThe curriculum is kept up to date through an industry advisory committee that keeps us abreast of the latest technology and industry needs. LMC is a "Whirlpool Regional Training Center" where students come from all over the United Sates to attend these classes. This allows our students to receive factory training alongside these field service technicians.


7. How will this program prepare me for a job?
We take students with no technical background and give them the skills they need to go out and get a job in a growing field. A student who completes an appliance service training program is practically guaranteed a job upon graduation. In fact, many LMC graduates receive multiple job offers…before they even graduate!


8. What is the quality of the instruction?
Heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and appliances consist of numerous components including motors, compressors, pumps, fans, thermostats and switches. Technicians must be able to maintain, diagnose and repair problems that occur throughout the system. At Los Medanos College, our experienced instructors will provide you with hands-on instruction that allows you to actually apply what you learn in class.


9. Is there a need for women in the field?
Absolutely! Some of the best appliance technicians are women. In fact, women technicians are in high demand because many female customers prefer to have women techs visit their homes to repair appliances.


10. I just lost my job of 20 years, is this field for me?
Of course! This is a great field for older workers. If you’re motivated to learn, then we’re here to help prepare you for a job. Call us today!