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Appliance Service Technology

LMC is the only Community College in California to offer an Appliance Service Technology Program.


Exciting changes to Appliance and Hvac


appliance and hvac department is going through some changes

Los Medanos has had an Appliance Repair program since the school opened in 1974.

We are proud of this progam and are modernizing our classroom and lab area's to reflect the changes that the Appliance Service and HVAC fields have gone through over the years. Computers and other internet tools are a necessary part of life for today's technicians as well as software that helps students learn about the refrigeration cycle, electricity and air flow. We haven't forgotten the hands on learning that is an absolute necessity to learn these fields but learning how to find information for the product you are working on is also essential. We are excited to announce that we are working with other Vocational programs here at the college to upgrade the classroom over the summer of 2018 to reflect these changes.


Fall 2018 will bring a classroom with a new, more modern look and feel.


Join us for classes and find out more about our vision for the future here in Appliance/HVAC.


Get the skills you need

Are you looking for a job that offers good pay and benefits, independence and the flexibility to work almost anywhere? The Appliance Technology program at LMC will give you the skills you need to obtain one of these rewarding jobs. You'll get hands-on training using the latest equipment in day, evening or weekend classes…all for only $46 a unit. We work with appliance manufatures to ensure you get the same type of training as technicians already working in the field.


Learn a trade that will never be sent overseas and that you can take anywhere.


Sign up for classes now!!!!

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