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Alpha Gamma Sigma

Statewide Honors Society

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Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS)

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The LMC chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) State Honors Society will be continuing their work to help save the lives of those living with blood cancers. Last year, they combined forces with City of Hope, a branch from the National Bone Marrow Registry and were able to enter 188 people into the registry in just 4 days!


This year they have expanded their outreach and currently raised $1, 256 for the lymphoma and leukemia foundation and will once again work with the National Bone Marrow registry. They are uniting clubs on the Pittsburg campus, will be sending units out to the Brentwood Campus, as well as the district offices, to make this a community wide effort in hopes to not only raise awareness of the bone marrow registry, but to increase matches for an ethnically diverse population, and to save someone's life. Our main drive will be held the week of Valentine's Day.


Registering on this link, will allow you to have a swabbing kit sent to your home! Simply, swab your cheek and send it back. Perhaps you will be someone's hero!




USE Promo code: agslosmedanos


Technological advances in medicine and stem cell research has changed they ways in which bone marrow can be extracted and donated to most individuals.

During such a procedure, your blood is removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that will collect only the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned to you through a needle in the other arm. This process is similar to what is used when donating blood platelets.

For more information on the process, please visit: http://bethematch.org/Support-the-Cause/Donate-bone-marrow/Donation-process/



Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) is a statewide honors society for California Community Colleges. We are dedicated to honoring academic excellence with scholarships and serving our communities. Los Medanos College is proud to host the Gamma Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma. Any student with a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average in at least 12 units of college work is eligible to join.


Meeting Information


During the 2013-2014 academic year, we meet every Friday in L109 (the Library Community Room) from 10-11 am

Contact Information: Faculty Advisor Phil Gottlieb, (925) 439-2181 x 3334 or 3263.



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