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Academy for College Excellence



ACE Summer 2012 Faculty Experiential Learning Institute Was A Success!

Look for news about a Summer 2013 FELI...


The ACE Faculty Experiential Learning Institute is a five-day transformative learning experience designed for community college faculty and administrators. During this professional development workshop, participants experience effective communication and leadership curriculum, and often experience significant renewal and inspiration.


The FELI is an experiential workshop, meaning that each attendee participates as a learner, instead of as a faculty member learning to teach ACE curriculum. For both those who want to teach in the ACE program and those who want to learn and apply the concepts in classrooms outside of the ACE program, this workshop offers the opportunity to enrich one's self both personally and professionally, and is an excellent way to be introduced to ACE.


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ACE Instructors, Past and Present LMC FELI Graduates

Clint Ryan, ACE, Fall 2011-present

Lu Li, ACE, Spring 2012

Sara Toruno, English, Fall 2011-present

Steve Budd, English, Spring 2012

Tue Rust, Math and ACE, Fall 2010-present


Alex Sterling

Allison Tubio

Clint Ryan

Daniel Amare

Erlinda Jones

Jeanne Bonner

Karl Debro


Kim Wentworth

Lu Li

Michael Norris

Mike Valdez

Sara Toruno

Steven Budd

Tue Rust

William Cruz