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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.a


i.a.1-1 through i.a.3-8

I.A.1-1 Mission Statement Survey Questions spring 2013
I.A.1-2 Mission Statement Survey Results spring 2013
I.A.1-3 CCCCD Fingertip Facts 2013
I.A.1-4 Program Review Process - Memo from Pres. Kratochvil 02Nov2012
I.A.1-7 Institutional Effectiveness Report spring 2011
I.A.1-8 Appendix VI: Workforce Development System Strategic Plan 2012-2015
I.A.1-12 SENSE 2012 Survey Results
I.A.1-14 LMC Student Satisfaction Survey 2013
I.A.3-4 College Assembly February 2013 Accreditation Update PowerPoint
I.A.3-5 President Bob Kratochvil Email 08Feb2013, 2012-13 Unit Program Review and RAP documents due 25Feb2013
I.A.3-6 President Bob Kratochvil Email 08Feb2013, LMC Mission Statement Review Process-An Opportunity to Provide Input
I.A.3-8 SGC Minutes 050813