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Coping With Stress

  • Learn to focus on what is important and be sure to find help when you need it
  • Talk to someone about what you're stressed about.  Talk to friends, family and a counselor
  • Find a secret place
  • Life does not give you stress; you create it for yourself
  • Do as much as you can without overpowering yourself.  Don't do more than you can bear
  • Try to stay out of trouble
  • Don't think about it (stress) too much.  Play sports, sing songs or hit a punching bag to get the stress out
  • Movies are good. Video games and mindless games help alleviate stress
  • Don' t panic if you fail a test because you might do better on the next one
  •  Build your self-esteem during the exams; use positive self talk
  • Pray, if you are inclined to believe that it will help
  • Stop what you are doing and do something else; have a soda, watch TV or take a nap

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