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Accelerated Algebra options: Get to transfer level-math in one semester instead of two!

Are you eligible for Math 25 or lower? If so, then Accelerated Algebra (Math 27, Math 29, or Math Path) may be right for you. Some of the advantages of one-semester Accelerated Algebra over the two-semester path of Math 25 and Math 30 are

  • Finish your math sooner.
  • Don't worry about getting "rusty" during summer or winter break.
  • Math 27 and Math 29 are fewer units that Math 25 plus Math 30.
  • Math 27 has no prerequisite.

Comparison of Accelerated Algebra options 

These courses get you to Math 32 (Mathematical concepts for Elementary Teachers), Math 34 (Statistics). Math 37 (Applied Calculus), or Math 40 (Precalculus). 

Download the details (times, days, prerequisites, and who to contact) about accelerated classes being offered in Fall 2016 or browse the current LMC Course Schedule in Insite.

Los Medanos College and our Math 27 (Algebra for Statistics) is a part of the California Acceleration Project. Math 29 was developed at Los Medanos College. Our Math Path program is based on the Pasadena City College Math Path model.